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Kuma's full name is "Qioko Kuma."
Qioko (kee-oh-koe, and actually spelled with a 'K' in Japanese) means "happy child"
and Kuma (koo-mah) means "bear" in Japanese.

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Here is the Benson Halloween Pictures - before we got Odie obviously...
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Chris is Zorro, Kuma is a Princess, and Kristina
is an Angel.

This is the Shiba pumpkin carving that Kristina designed.

Kuma's Basic Training Graduation...
Kuma started PetSmart's Basic Training School on 4/19/2001, and graduated on 6/14/2001. The class lasted for 8 weeks. Kuma got to wear a graduation cap on her last day, and have her picture taken when she "graduated" from Basic Training School.

Kuma's History...

January 19, 2001 -
We picked up Kuma on Friday 1/19/2001 from the breeder. We met at the Raleigh Fairgrounds because the breeder was in town for a dog show. Kuma is soooo cute!

Here are some pictures that we took on the evening of Kuma's first night in her new home. It seems that when we take pictures of Kuma, instead of having red-eye, she has green-eye reflection when the flash is used. If you see a pic (like the one on the top of the page) with regular black eyes then Kristina has gone in and done some photo magic.

Kristina and Kuma when we picked her up from the breeder

Here's Chris getting the love he needs.

Kuma just loves to flop in your lap

Here is Kuma on her bed (before she peed on it)

Chris playing with Kuma in her new home.

Isn't she just sooo cuuute!!

Early January 2001 -
Since pictures say a thousand words.. here's a few we took while at the breeders house back in Janurary 2001. This was the first time we met our future Kuma Puppy.

Chris gets some "face" time
Chris getting some "face" time

Kristina gets a bath

Kristina gets a bath

Kuma's daddy and mommy

Kuma's Father and Mother

Kuma and some puppy chow

Kuma chowing down on some dog food in her cage

Can I clean your teeth?

Can you tell this puppy is real friendly?


Kuma is sitting on Chris' lap wondering what this "camera" thing is all about

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