Welcome to the Shiba Cam

Now with streaming technology!!

You can now watch Kuma and Odie during the day
while they lounge in "the cage". Click below to launch

-=( Launch The Shiba Stream )=-

(click OK to any java security pop ups)
( if the page seems to "get stuck" when launched or the image white then the camera is currently off)


Below are the other regular interval webcams throughout the house. Lately these cams have been
unplugged so just view the Shiba Stream link above. You'll need to use Internet Explorer to view.

Shiba Cam 2 Shiba Cam 2

Camera 1

Camera 2
Shiba Cam 3
Camera 3 (in testing)
Future Home of Camera 4
AutoReload in ~ seconds.


**I'm testing out some new webcam software so if you see an "Evaluation Version" thing on the images that's what that's all about. The old (free) Chillcam finally decided to give out for some reason. I like this new software much better anyway so we'll see what happens. **

Camera 1 is in our office. It is usually pointed towards Kristina's desk. When we're in the office the dogs are usually laying on the floor behind her chair. Since we're not at home very much anymore (since Kristina got a job) I decided to point it out the front toward the street. So it's now the Front Street Cam

Camera 2 is currently "The Shiba Cam". The dogs stay in a enclosed pen type area where they usually are found snoozing the day away while we are at work.

Camera 3 is running off of Kristina's computer (thus the different timestamp). It's pointed out the door of the office towards the loft where the dogs like to lounge during the day when we're home. Usually offline except maybe on the weekends when we spend time in here.

Sometimes we'll have to take one offline to do some videoconference action. But, if any of the pictures looks hosed please send us an email and we'll fix it.

If you don't see either dog or if the image is dark we're probably not
in that area of the house, or we are getting our sleep on.


Please DO NOT hit RELOAD on your browser.

Views of the Shiba Cam
since 5/30/2001