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Our new puppy, Qioko Kuma
This picture taken when Kuma was about 2.5 months old. This is when we met her for the very first time.

This picture was taken at Puppy School, when Kuma was 8 months old.

This picture was taken when we all met Odie for the first time on 10/20/2001.

Details on Kuma and Odie...

Kuma will be 4 years old (on October 12, 2004) and Odie will be 5 years old (on January 3, 2005). Wow how time flies! Kuma is full grown at 23 pounds and Odie weighs in at a hefty 33 lbs (mostly muscle the vet says - but we know it's all that fuzz!).

They are both Shiba Inus. Shiba means 'Brushwood' and Inu means 'Dog' in Japanese. They are along the same bloodlines as an Akita, only a lot smaller and not nearly as aggressive. We first went to the dog breeders home on 1/6/2000 to see if Kristina was allergic to the breed, and she was not. This was a great relief as these dogs are, as Kristina would say, "way toooo cute!!." If you want to know more about our dogs, or contact the breeder, please contact us for more information.

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