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Odie came to us in November 2001, he was 2 years old at that time. He has been a wonderful addition to our family - we would not be the same without him. He was quick to learn the skills/tricks we had taught Kuma. And in return, he has taught Kuma a few tricks that he brought with him. Odie knows what people food is, and Kuma has never been given anything other that cheese, Goodberry's and hotdogs - but she's figuring it out somehow... Hmm? Could it be Odie?

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(This picture was taken when we met Odie for the first time on 10/20/2001)

Odie is on the left, Kuma on the right

Odie's Story... Since we were gone often all day long, we would come home and Kuma sometimes would be sick. So we figured that we would get her a buddy. So we made a call to the breeders house to see if she had a dog that was about Kuma's age. It turns out that she was taking back one of her puppies from a person who could no longer take care of the animal. This was a good opportunity for us to get a dog that we know where it had come from and has good blood lines. So we picked up Odie on 10/21/2001 in the evening from the breeder. She was down in Burlington, NC for a dog show. The first night was pretty uneventful. Kuma thinks that she needs to protect us from this "intruder" but it will take some time. Hopefully they can get along and everything will be just fine.

Here are some of our first pictures with Odie, and sometimes Kuma too...

<-- Kuma sits on the couch as
Odie gets to chew on a bone.

This is the day we went to
pick up Odie.

He is such a loving doggy.

This is Odie in his pen, with his chenille blankie.

Odie giving Kristina a hug.

This is Odie....
(Note his legs)

He likes to sit w-i-d-e.


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