Camping - 4/15/2001

We went camping on the 15th of April (Easter Sunday night) in Kristina's mom (Becky) new trailer. Here are some pix below. We went to the KOA over in Fayetteville. It's about an hour or so from Raleigh. Just far enough to test out the new trailer. The trailer has 2 swing out section that both have king sized beds in them. Super roomy. It has a hard-sided door that swings down into place. Sink, mini-fridge and stove inside. Only thing it's missing is a bathroom. Has enough room to sleep 6 (and a dog) real comfortably.

Here is the trailer in "expanded" mode Here is the trailer in "packed" mode


We had a lot fun and the dog had a good time as well.

Kuma is getting her snack on..inside the trailer Here is Kuma helping out Grandma. Kuma kept on jumping on your lap when it was time to "help".


Tired after all the work. The kids were having fun as well.

Here is Chris and Kuma getting their sleep on Here is our niece Abbie. She had a little too much fun with the candy necklace.

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