Camping - 5/25/2001

We went camping on Memorial Day Weekend in Kristina's mom's (Becky) trailer. We stayed at a campground in Burlington, NC. It's about an hour or so southwest of Raleigh. We stayed close to home due to a wedding that Becky attended that Sunday.

We got our fair share of bad weather that weekend... We got to the campsite around 9pm or so that Friday night. We got things all set up, and the lightning began just as we finished. It began to rain not too much later. It rained solidly until 6am. The lightning was very loud, and the rain pounded on the trailer all night. We were parked on a hill, and Kristina got worried that the land would give way due to the large amount of rain. And when the neighbor's septic hookup overflowed into our lot, we decided to move. Saturday and Sunday were great days, no rain, and a gentle breeze. Good weather for swimming and s'mores! = ) Monday morning brought more rain, so we rushed to get the camper down as quickly as we could. And then, of course, it stopped raining! But despite all of the bad weather, we all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend.

Here are some pictures from that weekend... Click on the image for a larger version.

Happy Campers.

Our second campsite, and all set up for Memorial Day.

Kuma getting a little to comfy on daddy's lap.

Daddy playing his Kuma air guitar.

Kuma getting in on playing a little Uno.
(notice the cards are on her back)