Labor Day Weekend- Charleston, South Carolina
August 31 - September 3

We drove down to Charleston on Friday after work. It was a very rainy start to the Labor Day weekend, but it got better from there. We got into Charleston at about 11:00pm. It took about 5 hours to get down there from Cary.

We stayed at the Charleston Place Hotel in downtown Charleston. We decided to stay there in celebration of Kristina finding out that she would be getting a job!

Here are the pictures of the Charleston Place Hotel and our room.

This is the front view of the Charleston Place Hotel.
This is the back of the hotel, really it is the side. If you click on the image, our room is on the fourth floor and has a balcony - there is an arrow pointing to it.
This is the fountain that is in the entrance to hotel from one of it's four sides.
This is the hotel lobby.
This was our very comfy King bed.
A view into our bathroom.
This was our Italian Marble tub.
This was the entry hall to our room.
This was the hardwood floor entry.
This was the closet/TV armoire.
This was the desk and balcony looking down on Meeting Street.
This was our view of the Market. This is the intersection of Meeting Street and Market Street.

We spent Saturday touring the city by carriage and by foot. Click here to view those pictures.

We spent Sunday touring Patriot's Point. Click here to view those pictures.