The Florida new years trip..
We went to Florida for New Years (the trip was over 2300 miles in 6 days..ugg). We initially drove the van down to Boca Raton (by Ft. Lauderdale) on the 26th. Chris went diving on the 27th and 28th while Kristina studied for her Cisco Certification test (yeah, who had the better part of the deal there?). Kristina's mother flew in to join us on the 29th. Then we all drove down to Key West on Saturday the 30th. We picked up Kristina's cousin, Alicia, in Islamorada on the way down to Key West. All four of us went snorkeling, and visited historic places (lighthouses, Hemingway's house, etc), and just had a good time together (and kept a little warmer than we were currently there in NC). Key West was great, but a little chilly (tied the record low of 51 while we were there). So much for fun in the sun. That didn't stop us from going snorkeling in 63 degree weather (water was 73). Then we drove back up to Boca Raton on Sunday, and we all went to the Orange Bowl Parade on our way, in Miami. Chris put up his disco ball in the hotel room, and we had a mini-party. It sure beat hanging out at work like last year. Hehe. We had a great time, and had a good new year. We hope you did too.