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Future Travel Action...

Family reunion in Las Vegas, NV in June

Several trips to Hummer Club events through out the Eastern US.


Past Fun Travel Action...

Disclaimer: We generally take a lot of pictures on our travels - but if you do not see related links, there may not be photos or I just have not had the time to publish all related webpages as of yet. I will publish them as soon as there is a spare moment. Thank you for your understanding.


We drove the HUMER up to Michigan twice. Once for Christmas in 07 and again in January for the 9th Annual Michigan Snow Run.



We went out to California the first weekend of 2007. One of Chris' friends from high school got married.

Went to Amsterdam, Netherlands in May to hang out with our friends Stuart and his lady fan Mira.

Kristina came out to visit Chris in Las Vegas, NV when he was on assignment supporting a call center for the Cisco Global Sales meeting. It was a fun weekend.



St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles. We went to St. Maarten for our 10th anniversary. Nothing like swimming in the ocean while huge planes land right overhead.
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Chris went out to California something like 6 times this year. Some for work and some to spend time with his family.

Chris went to Gothenberg, Sweden on a business trip in January. It was pretty chilly (never above freezing) but he had an awesome time. Thanks to David Kinnear and family for giving him the opportunity to "Live like a Swede" during his stay. And yes, they still call them "Swedish Meatballs" even in Sweden! I figure they would just call them "meatballs". :-)



Chiara !!
We hosted an exchange student for three months from August to just after Thanksgiving. It was a neat experience and Chiara speaks perfect English. Chiara is a sweet girl and we "love her so much really". :-)

We went to the Cherokee KOA for the 4th of July weekend camping with Kristina's family. Leaves (Alicia) came down from Michigan as well.

Chris' brother and his wife came out for the Memorial Day Weekend.
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Scotland FlagWe are back from the UK. We had an awesome time ! Thanks goes out to Jon Atkinson and family for allowing us to stay in his house on the way up to Scotland and on the way back. Also thanks to Stuart Craig and his lady Mira for traveling to Scotland from Amsterdam to show us around for a few days. The Scottish breakfast he cooked was pretty alright (not sure about the black pudding though. :-)
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- We traveled out to CA for Chris' brother's wedding in late October 2004. The wedding was in Sacramento aboard the 'Spirit of Sacramento' riverboat. Many guests also stayed aboard the 'Delta King' for the weekend. It was a truly beautiful wedding and an enjoyable time was had by all! Check out the link to 'Travels from 2004' to view the pictures.
- We also were out in CA to spend Thanksgiving with Chris' family. Check out the link to 'Travels from 2004' to view the pictures.

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We went out to CA toward the end of May 2003 for Chris' brother's college graduation and Kristina's high school buddy's wedding.

Chris went to Las Vegas in late March 2003 for a HelpDesk conference. It was a fun time.

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