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Welcome to the SCUBA page

Our Underwater Adventures...
Christopher is an Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver (SSI) with around 65+ dives. He has taken the Advanced Buoyancy, Navigation, Deep Water, Night, Fish ID, and Wreck Diving Specialties. In 2000 he purchased an underwater video camera from Backscatter in Monterey, CA to record all of the sharks and other life that he's seen below. Sand Tiger Sharks are a common site off of the North Carolina Coast.
On a dive in 2000, off of Beaufort, NC, he saw a large Manta Ray (kinda looked like this). He, unfortunately, did not have his camera with him then.

Past Dives...
Chris went diving in Grand Cayman during our 2002 vacation. He got some awesome video footage of the glorious reef life. He also hit up the famous "Stingray City" where you get to feed Southern Stingray's in their natural environment. We also did a fair amount of snorkeling ourside of the timeshare and at Rum Point.

Next "Urge to Submerge"...
Not sure when this will be. Have other things that have come up that seem to take up all the time.

Past Dives...
Chris went down to the Florida Springs with Gypsy Divers to see some of the manatees. This we an excellent trip and provided a nice long weekend during Feb 15-18, 2002. I did get some pictures and video. Click here to see some of the videos.

Chris went out to the Cooper River the weekend of April 7 and 8, 2001. This was a new experience because I'll was looking for fossils, in particular huge Megalodon teeth. I came back with some good stuff. Check out this page for more details..

Florida for New Years 2001


Here is Chris and his "Action
Hero" shot coming out on
MacAbee beach in
Monterey, CA during
one of his traning dives.

Kristina is still dealing with medical issues that keep her from diving. This pic is of her at the beginning of her last day of diving.

Here is Chris and Kristina before they start their checkout dives at MacAbee beach in
Monterey, CA (1999).

Chris' Gear List - Main gear

Piece Brand/model Color
(1st/2nd stage)
Zeagle Flathead 6 Silver/black
Alt. Air source Sherwood minimus octo Yellow

Buoyancy Compensator (BC)

ScubaPro RecTek Black
Fins Mares Plana Avanti Quattro Bright green
Boots Sherwood BT40x 6ml Lt grey/dk grey
Wetsuit Henderson Gold full 3ml Black out/gold in
Gloves Xcel Titanium 3/2ml Black
Mask Mares ESA 6 panel mask Lt blue/pink frame
Snorkel FLEX IMPULSE 2 Bright green
Dive Computer Oceanic Dataplus boot mount w/compass Black
Hood 5ml Body Glove (full hood) black

Chris' Gear List - alt. gear

Piece Brand/model Color
Wetsuit Body Glove 2ml Shorty Blue/Green/Black
10" Screwdriver Craftsman (for river diving) ;-) Red/clear handle
5ml Hooded Long Shorty Scubapro Black

(Last Updated: 16-Jan-2005)