Christopher and Kristina in Wilmington, NC (Bald Head Island) 2000

About Christopher...
He works for Cisco Systems, Inc. and as of March 24 will be on the Cisco Information Asset Protection team which is part of the Information Security (Infosec) group. This team is responsible for intellectual property security. Essentially not letting Cisco stuff get out to the "bad guys". ;-) He's really looking forward to doing something new and exciting while at the same time learning about a whole other aspect of computing.... security.

Previously Chris was on the Contact Center Application and Technology (CCAT) group. This group is responsible for all internal and external facing call center phone menu and phone routing configuration at Cisco. Chris was an Account Manager on the CCAT team for several of the contact centers including Global Corporate Travel. He spent most of his time working on ICM scripting and making the calls flow through the system and end up at the right location.
He was also responsible for the voice recording (Witness) solution as well as the call detail recording (call counting) application. The voice recording product is similar, for example, to when you call up a credit card company and you hear the familiar "this call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance" message. The product records all inbound and outbound calls for the monitored phone extensions. This is an application that is used globally in Cisco with installations currently in San Jose, CA; Sydney Australia; Amsterdam Netherlands; Feltham, England UK, Miami, FL, and RTP, NC.

Before that he was a web tool designer for the Global Technical Response Center (GTRC) here in Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC.

He enjoys his work, and loves to stand out among his coworkers - he has a disco ball in his cubicle, among a ton of chili decorations, a 4 foot burrito box (yes, it originally came with a 4 foot burrito in it), a lava lamp, and one of those big foam fingers!
Check out the Cube Cam to see if he's keeping busy.


About Kristina...

Kristina earned her PMP Certification (Project Management Professional)!
Date: December 1, 2008
The PMP is one of the most valued credentials in project management.
Earning and maintaining this credential demonstrates a solid foundation
of experience in effectively managing projects.

Kristina is still working for BB&T in Raleigh, NC. She transitioned from
the Project Office to the Online Channel in 2007. The Online Channel
controls all things web-related for the bank (internet and intranet).
She works for the Online Implementation Services team and her role is
Release Management, which is similar to Portfolio Management. All
work/project requests flowing in and out of the Online Channel must go
through her first for assessment and prioritization before being
assigned to a project manager.

Kristina's AVM continues to do very well, with no changes in over 8
years. She will certainly post updates here (and on her AVM webpage) if
there are any changes. May 2008 is the 10-year mark from the very
beginning of her AVM. She is thankful for all that she has, and is able
to do, today and for those who helped her get there.


When we're not working we like go places and do things on the weekend like going camping on the 4x4 only beach in the HUMMER or taking the dogs for a walk. We're working on getting CPR trained so we can be involved with the HOPE program through the National Hummer Club and the Red Cross. Chris is also studying to get his HAM radio Technician license so we can do even more volunteer work that involves radio communications. We've also both attended SKYWARN to be certified weather spotters so we can assist during times of inclement weather.

(Last Updated: 19-Mar-2008 )